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Management – unparalleled experience in antiviral development

ReViral has a founding team of experienced executives, managers and scientists who will work closely with key collaborators and consultants combining expertise in the areas of virology and antiviral therapies thus facilitating the prosecution of the company’s key research and development programs

Ken Powell PhD Chairman

Chairman of ReViral;

Former roles Executive Chairman Q-Chip a Cardiff, Wales based life science company developing novel delayed release formulations of drugs. In 2014 Q-Chip merged with Midatech which then listed on the LSE (AIM) market.

Founder and CEO of Arrow Therapeutics Ltd (a specialised antiviral drug discovery company acquired by Astra-Zeneca PLC for $150 million in February 2007).

Ken has more than 30 years experience of the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology sector. He is an expert virologist and has been involved in the development of multiple anti-viral compounds.

Eddy Littler PhD Chief Executive Officer

Eddy began his research career at the University of Leeds studying herpesvirus DNA replication. After postdoctoral research at McMaster University in Canada, he joined the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research in Manchester. Here Eddy investigated viruses and cancer including Epstein-Barr virus and Human Herpesvirus type 6. After six successful years, he joined the Wellcome Research Laboratories as Head of Herpes Virus Research. During his time at Wellcome, he became Head of the Gene Targets Group which had projects in herpesviruses, respiratory viruses, including RSV, and gene therapy of ovarian cancer. Following the acquisition of Wellcome by Glaxo he became Head of Antiviral Research at GlaxoWellcome leading teams working on hepatitis C virus, influenza virus, and respiratory syncytial virus.  

Eddy left GSK in 2000 to join Medivir as Senior Director of Lead Discovery and Head of UK Operations. While at Medivir he played a significant role in several deals, including the development and eventual out-licensing of the HCV protease inhibitor (Simeprevir) programme to Tibotec (J&J). The total value of transactions converted at Medivir was $360M.

Eddy became the Chief Executive Officer of Domainex in May 2008. He developed Domainex to become one of the UKs leading drug discovery CROs. Under his leadership, Domainex also developed a pipeline of drugs aimed at inflammation and cancer. Eddy consults for a number of companies and NGOs.

Stuart Cockerill PhD Chief Scientific Officer, Founder
Stuart is the Principal Investigator on a Wellcome Trust funded Project, on behalf of ReVIRAL.  He obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Leeds. After Postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University he joined the GSK heritage company, the Wellcome Foundation and over the next 15 years led drug discovery projects in Pesticides, Immunology, Virology and Oncology.  His key achievement was leading the erbB2 Oncology Project Team that discovered Tykerb™ for which Stuart is a named inventor. In December 2000, Stuart joined Arrow Therapeutics as Head of Chemistry and subsequently as Research Director. Key achievements were two clinical Proof of Concept drug candidates involving novel approaches to the treatment of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Hepatitis C Virus infection. Stuart remained as Head of Arrow until the end of 2010.  Stuart is an author of over 70 papers, patents and book chapters and is Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Durham.
Dr Rachel Harland PhD Chief Operating Officer
Dr Rachel Harland joins ReViral from Astra-Zeneca where she has been directing a wide range of toxicology programmes. Prior to her role at AZ Rachel was Director of Toxicology for Shire Pharmaceuticals. Rachel was Development Manager at two Biotechnology companies – Arrow Therapeutics Ltd (sold to Astra-Zeneca) and Q-Chip Ltd (now Midatech and listed on the LSE) where her development strategies were a key part of the company value. Rachel spent some 10 years at Roche Products initially as a Pre-clinical Science Leader and then as a Project Manager. Rachel gained both her BSc and PhD from the University of Liverpool.
Neil Mathews PhD Project Director, Founder
Neil has 20 years experience as a medicinal chemist in the pharma industry, across receptor, enzyme, kinase and antiviral targets. After a PhD at Imperial College and a postdoc year in Paris, Neil joined The Wellcome Foundation at Beckenham before moving to Stevenage as a group leader as it became GlaxoWellcome. At the time of the transition to GSK, Neil left to join Arrow Therapeutics where he led the Lead Optimisation group and managed the HCV projects up to and through their acquisition by AstraZeneca. Neil has a thorough understanding of the compound quality required by large pharma in-licensing groups at all stages of early development.
Max Herrmann Chief Financial Officer
Mr Herrmann is Chief Financial Officer of ReViral Ltd and Managing Director at Stifel. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and possesses more than 20 years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry experience, having held key management positions with leading development stage companies, as well as several investment banks. Mr Herrmann’s last role was as Chief Financial Officer of Silence Therapeutics plc. Prior to joining Silence, Max served as Chief Financial Officer of Intercytex Group plc, a publicly traded company focused on the emerging area of regenerative medicine. Before joining Intercytex, he spent over ten years as a sell side equity analyst, most latterly as Managing Director and Head of European Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research at ING. He has also held the position of Financial Controller for US based Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. He holds a BSc in Microbiology from the University of Kent and qualified as a Chartered Account with Arthur Andersen.
Dr Elaine Thomas PhD Head of Virology

Dr Thomas is an experienced virologist with a wide range of virology R&D experience. She joined ReViral from hVivo where she was involved in a variety of pre-clinical and clinical virology studies. Elaine has worked in both academic and biotech sectors as well as for CROs.

In this new role Elaine will take responsibility for directing ReViral’s virology research as well as supporting the clinical development process.