Sights Set on RSV.

ReViral is built on the confidence that, with a dedicated team and world-class science, we can develop transformative antiviral therapies to help the world’s most at-risk populations.

Our first focus for this mission is Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). With an annual global impact totaling 64 million people, including 160,000 deaths, the RSV virus has long eluded the efforts of the medical community despite decades of research.

RSV by the Numbers


Affecting 64M annually


Responsible for 160K deaths annually


0 approved RSV therapies for adults


Responsible for 1/5 of all lower respiratory tract infections worldwide

RSV Profile

  • Highly Seasonal virus: prevalent during autumn/winter seasons.
  • High infection rate: RSV can be transmitted through respiratory secretions via close contact with infected individuals, through droplets, or through contaminated surfaces.
  • Wide spectrum of associated illnesses: Ascending from mild upper respiratory tract illness to airway inflammation, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, and ultimately, life-threatening respiratory failure.

Disease Progression


Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Lower Respiratory Tract Infection


Respiratory Failure

At-Risk Populations

While RSV can affect anyone, its most serious impacts are felt within three key patient populations:

Infants, Toddlers
& Young Children

Globally, more than 3M hospitalized with RSV lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) annually / Globally 60k+ deaths from complications associated with RSV LRTI annually.


RSV is a significant cause of LRTI morbidity and mortality in the immunocompromised / Globally, up to 1.5k deaths annually

High-Risk Elderly

Annually, RSV is responsible for approximately 14k deaths in adults over 65 in the U.S.

Defining the Opportunity

Despite huge global research efforts and decades of targeting RSV, a major unmet medical need remains. Potential therapies have historically experienced little success in demonstrating a favourable safety profile or efficacy.

The numbers tell the story: today there are no FDA-approved RSV therapies for adults and only two approved for at-risk infants. But even those come with serious limitations, including restrictive labelling, prohibitive costs, limited antiviral potency and toxicity concerns.

Enter ReViral’s multi-pronged RSV programme…