Board of Directors

Dr. Ken Powell


Prior to his current role, Ken has had extensive experience within the Biotechnology sector. In reverse order he was: Executive Chairman of Q-Chip a Cardiff, Wales based life science company developing novel delayed release formulations of drugs (merged with Midatech and the joint company listed on AIM in 2015). Founder and CEO of Arrow Therapeutics Ltd (a specialised antiviral drug discovery company acquired by Astra-Zeneca PLC for $150 million in February 2007). Professor at UCL and Deputy Director of the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research where he had responsibility for commercial activity including setting up five biotechnology start-up companies. He was a senior Pharmaceutical executive with the Wellcome Foundation which he decided to leave at the Wellcome/Glaxo merger. He has had a successful academic career in the UK and USA.

He is an expert virologist and has been involved in the development of multiple drugs including anti-viral compounds against herpes viruses, HIV, Hepatitis C and RSV.